Indipendent & self-produced design is the out-coming of creativity and enthusiastic work of designers that directly manage each step of the whole process, from the idea to the development and the production, just to communication and product distribution.

Usually, artifacts intend to exploit more features, such as the initial concept that leads to the final accomplished idea, a concept at the same time realized through the investigation of new or innovative materials, inedited production processes, the mixing of state-of-the art techniques with traditional methods, i.e. just those features that add value to the object.

In these last 5 years of shop experience in the Jsign store in Napoli, Largo Ferrantina 1, we were proud to meet and to have the privilege to introduce to our clients many architects, designers, artists and writers, that at the same time started to cooperate and to co-work, therefore exploiting this new opportunity as a original way to grow up together.

Our daily work of research, “picking-up” and promotion of independent design goes on … The conceiving of a virtual space devoted to the promotion and the sale of the production of local top independent designers everywhere was our first step. Social networks as the preferred media to increase designers’ visibility still remains a priority for us: as a matter of fact, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, provide a unique tool to communicate with an overall community, worldwide bloggers, and moreover with people that love and believe in what they are doing.

Opened in 2007 with the mission to be a concept-store as well as a new designer’s home, a small show-room devoted to the exhibition of products that have design, graphics and decoration as the common denominator, Jsign always pursued its achievement to discover original ideas proposed from young and talented emerging designers.

Having closed our physical store in July 2012, we are now focused on building up a network that can further promote our past research work, still underpinning the international visibility of “our” local designers. Their ideas, their creativity, their energies to think to a brighter future either for our city!

SFD now is a mini design show that started from Napoli and will go around the world to show this incredible creativity. Jsign works hard to find talent local designers, to promote and distribute their work. We build connections with designers, istitutions and skilled local artisans. We assits designers through the creation projects.

Jsign presents SFD mini design show with a group of local designers and their product with also a small limited edition products of design.

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